Dirk von Lowtzow

Dirk von Lowtzow, born in Offenburg/Baden in 1971, founded the rock band Tocotronic together with Arne Zank and Jan Müller in Hamburg in 1993. Since 1995, 13 Tocotronic albums have been released, most recently the prophetic Nie wieder Krieg in 2022. From 1999 to 2014 he released an additional five albums with Phantom Ghost, an experimental duo with Thies Mynther. From 1999 until the 2010s, Dirk von Lowtzow was also active as an art critic, writing numerous catalog articles and reviews, primarily in the magazine Texte zur Kunst. In 2015, together with the playwright and director René Pollesch, he created the opera »Von einem der auszog, weil er sich die Miete nicht mehr leisten konnte« at the Volksbühne Berlin. He composes music for theatre and film, most recently for the internationally acclaimed film Styx by Wolfgang Fischer, and contributes to radio play and audio book productions.

Photo: Gloria Endres de Oliveira