Die Optimistinnen

Upper Palatinate, the beginning of the 1970s. 22-year-old Nour comes from Istanbul to work in a porcelain factory. The working conditions and state of the dormitory are poor, so she and her colleagues-turned-friends from around Europe organise themselves. Gün Tank’s novel tells of 1973, »the Year of the Strike« in Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin, during which migrant women fought for their rights with the slogan »One more mark«. In the process they fought not only against racism and underpayment, but also for solidarity from their colleagues. In her first work at the Gorki, director Emel Aydoğdu dedicates herself to an underexposed chapter of German history. Enriched with interviews with the women who were there, she creates a theatrical-musical memorial to this successful industrial action and its protagonists.

World Premiere 18/Januar 2024

Foto: Esra Rotthoff

Directed by
Emel Aydoğdu
Studio Я

with English surtitles

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with English surtitles

with English surtitles



Music / Live-Music

media art



Yanina Cerón


Sema Poyraz

Ceren Bozkurt