Der kleine Muck_Maxim Gorki Theater

Der kleine Muck

ein Märchen mit Flachfiguren und Menschen nach Wilhelm Hauff

The city is about to explode! Get ready to jump for joy as »Doctor Thunder's International Puppet Show«, presents the incredible but true story of Little Muck. But before the show can begin – and the director can carry the audience off to a fantastical distant land – a bit of a problem arises. One of the spectators insists on becoming part of the show, and refuses to give up and sit back down. Everything descends into chaos and confusion, but eventually Doctor Thunder and the interloper manage to tell the tale together. Welcome to the adventures of Little Muck – one of those people who has never had an easy life. When it all begins in distant Iznik, Muck is very young, truly lonely and quite small in stature. With a super-sized turban on his even bigger head, he is teased all the time. There's only one option left. Go out into the wide world and seek his fortune! With some skill and his heart in the right place, Muck defies all expectations. He goes on adventures and gains a true friend in a charming dog. Magic slippers turn him into the fastest man in the east, then he uses an enchanted staff to find golden treasures. And this time, when the world threatens to sink him into despair, he strikes back. He roughs up some villains and then runs away for one last time in search of happiness. 
Full of wit and the poetry of fairy tales, Soeren Voima's stage adaptation of the 19th century tale creates a fastpaced contemporary story for all children and their adults. Director Christian Weise's imaginative mix of techniques from traditional and puppet theatre make this Muck a captivating theatrical experience.

Premiere: December 1st, 2013 

With English surtitles, excluding the premiere

Stage adaptation
Soeren Voima


Directed by

Stage design




Oscar Olivo

Aram Tafreshian