DAs Kohlhaas Prinzip_Maxim Gorki Theater

Das Kohlhaas-Prinzip

frei nach Heinrich von Kleist

Premiere: 05.01.2015
Final show: 29.06.2017 (Currently no tickets available)

Our society works. We have an intact constitutional state. And almost no violations of human rights. But, all of a sudden, you discover a crack in the system. How far do you go for justice? Yael Ronen and the ensemble engage in a loose dialogue with Michael Kohlhaas, Heinrich von Kleist's novella about justice, revenge and terror. Together, they develop a contemporary story that takes place between
Berlin and the Middle East: A German entrepreneur working with electric bicycles encounters a Palestinian cheese maker. Their biographies intersect through a traffic accident and tell of the pursuit of individual justice. Michael Kohlhaas, who Kleist called »one of the most righteous and at the same time most appalling men of his time«, serves as godfather.

Yael Ronen und Ensemble


Stage design



Directed by


Cynthia Micas


Dimitrij Schaad

Thomas Wodianka


„Aktuelles Theater in Höchstform.“

Spielplan, Boris Kehrmann