(c) esra Rotthoff


Berlin, Summer 2024. A group of actors walks through the night. A camera follows them. They roam around the urban environment. Starting point: the Gorki theatre. The old plane trees in the garden. Squares. Paths. Stories. What do we know about the history of these places? The plane trees have stood in six different states. Platz der Märzrevolution. Bebelplatz. Leipziger Straße. Pariser Platz. What stories accompany the actors through the city? Do they walk through Berlin with the city maps of other cities in their heads? Stories and thoughts meet the stories of a city. A search for both the traces of something of one’s own in the past, as well as for whom and by whom these squares, streets, buildings and spaces were made. This is your city. This is our city. But does the city know that?

With Dämonen Berlin, resident director Sebastian Nübling and director Boris Nikitin link back to their first joint work at Theatre Basel. Every evening a new live film is created which is broadcast on a screen in the Gorki.

Premiere 28/June 2024

Photo: Esra Rotthoff