Berliner Korrespondenzen: Teil 10

Berlin Correspondence: Part 10

“Settled Affairs” - Possibilities of Ordering the Private?

With Eva Illouz and Jule Specht

Tirades against enemies and allies, sympathy for racists, diplomacy with a sledgehammer: In Donald Trump, the world is faced with a U.S. president who gives free rein to his feelings on twitter - a private individual at the head of a state.

The next Berlin Correspondence asks: How political is the private and how private is the political? Which rules of communication are still valid? And what role do emotions play in the political “dis”-order in the world?

These questions are at the heart of our discussion with two women who are changing the future: Renowned Israeli sociologist Eva Illouz and psychologist Jule Specht talk about emotions in a post-capitalist world and the re-ordering of the private sphere. They point out how permeable the delineation between public and private seems to have become.

In German and English. The event will be translated simultaneously.

Berlin Correspondence is a Matinée-Series of the Gorki Forum and the Humboldt University Berlin in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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