Berlin Correspondences


Every event of Berlin Correspondences in an overview:


Berlin Correspondences: Part 1 - Your order is our disorder
At 22.05.2016
With Prof. Achille Mbembe and Prof. Dipesh Chakrabarty 
Opening speech by Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Berlin Correspondences: Part 2 - "Order" is a promise
At 12.06.2016
With Herfried Münkler and Michael Borgolte

Berlin Correspondences: Part 3 - The past future of the western perspective
At 19.06.2016
With Gabriele Metzler and Siba N. Grovogui 

Berlin Correspondences: Part 4 - Unfairly allocated - an economic order without alternatives?
At 16.10.2016
With Arjun Appadurai and Marcel Fratzscher

Berlin Correspondences: Part 5 - Normative orders - agreeing to disagree?
At 06.11.2016
With Prof. Armin Nassehi and Prof. Christoph Möllers

Berlin Correspondences: Part 6 - Boundless (dis)order - mobility and borders in transition?
At 04.12.2016
With Prof. Shalini Randeria and Wolfgang Kaschuba

Berlin Correspondences: Part 7 - Religious (dis)orders - searching for a change of perspective
At 23.04.2017
With Kamel Daoud and Christoph Markschies

Berlin Correspondences: Part 8 - Post-democratic order - which kinds of oder are still legitimate today?
At 07.05.2017
With Colin Crouch and Jan-Werner Müller

Berlin Correspondences: Part 9 - Fake news, facts, fiction - ordering global public spheres
At 02.07.2017
With Anne Peters and Rogers Brubaker


Berlin Correspondences is a Matinée-Series of the Gorki Forum and the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in cooperation with the Auswärtigen Amt