Berlin Correspondence: Part 4

Unfairly allocated – an economic order without alternatives?

With Arjun Appadurai and Marcel Fratzscher

Two internationally renowned thinkers and globalization experts meet for this Berlin Correspondence: anthropologist Arjun Appadurai, critical visionary of globalization, and Marcel Fratzscher, director of the German Institute for Economic Research. Focusing on the challenges we face in a globalized world, such as struggles for resources, inequality, and social classes, they raise the question of the »regulatory hand«.

Who or what in fact creates our social order? And what about the idea of the self-regulating power of free markets or the reallocation of resources? Part 4 of the Berlin Correspondence series will investigate these issues.


Berlin Correspondence is a Matinée-Series of the Gorki Forum and the Humboldt University Berlin in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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