Eva Illouz

Internationally successful scientist and author Eva Illouz, born in Morocco in 1961, is a professor of sociology and anthropology at the renowned Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In best sellers like Why Love Hurts and Saving the Modern Soul, she provides fascinating analyses of the post-capitalist world of emotions and severely criticizes Western consumer culture. Recently, she attracted attention with Israel, a collection of sociological essays in which she takes a critical look at the current situation in Israel.

Eva Illouz studied sociology, communication science and literature in Paris, Jerusalem and Pennsylvania. Her research focuses on the sociology of emotions, consumerism and media culture. She is editor of the upcoming book Emotions as Commodities: Capitalism, Consumption and Authenticity, also to be published in a German translation (Wa(h)re Gefühle - Authentizität im Konsumkapitalismus) by Suhrkamp Verlag next year.