Riah May Knight

Riah May Knight

Riah May Knight, born in 1996 to activist parents, is a singer/songwriter and actress from a small village in Sussex, England. Of duel heritage British Romani decent, Riah grew up surrounded by the Romani civil rights movement in which she was both politicised and given a platform to perform.
She has been writing and performing for the last ten years and has not only performed at institutions such as The Brighton Dome and The London Roundhouse, Notre Dame and the Houses of Parliament, but also beach bars and basement clubs across Europe. In 2017 she received a years Artists' Residency at the prestigious London Roundhouse, and began to present her own show FUSE on Platform B Radio. She was working as a director for a fringe theatre production in London whilst gigging her solo music under the name RIAH, when she took her first steps into art activism and acting, through her role as ensemble member in the production Roma Army (for the Maxim Gorki Theatre, Berlin)
Riah went on to be invited to develop a performance piece for the 1st Roma Biennale, held in Gorki’s studio R, for which she wrote and composed music, and also became a member of the ensemble for Gorki’s September 2018 opening show Yes But No
Riah continues to perform as a solo musician and is working on her debut release.


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