You know i do not remenber

You Know I Do Not Remember


The musician Hassan Abd Alrahman was imprisoned for eight years during the 80s in the notorious Saidnaya prison in Damascus. Together with actor Ayham Majid Agha, he recounts not only the brutality and violence that defined his life, but also the attempted resistance in prison. Excerpts from the video interviews that director Wael Ali conducted with Hassan Abdurrahman in 2013 are shown, questioned and re-evaluated. The piece thus inevitably tells of the violent political upheavals in Syria today as well. 
Waël Ali, Ayham Majid Agha and Hassan Abd Alrahman have fled from Syria and now live and work in exile in France and Germany.

A production in cooperation with: YAF Young Arabe Theatre Fund, British Council, Freemuse, Citiziens Artists Association und Culture Resource.


Stage design