Heiner Müller Spezial

»Was auf der Flucht ist, bleibt.«

A canteen-night for ROSA LUXEMBURG and HEINER MÜLLER

The shots fired on Rosa Luxemburg »were the beginning of a series of events, at the end of which it was no longer German murderers of Jews and communists that stood by the Landwehrkanal, but Soviet soldiers instead«. Heiner Müller always had an obsessive interest in the »diversions of history«. If Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht hadn’t been murdered, then there wouldn’t have been a Hitler, a war with the Soviet Union, a Berlin Wall – and probably wouldn’t have been a Stalin... One hundred years ago, on 15 January 1919, Rosa Luxemburg was shot in Berlin. 90 years ago Heiner Müller was born in Saxony. A programme of texts by Rosa, Heiner and others, with wiskey and cigars, following the performance of Die Hamletmaschine.

With actors of the company.

Holger Kuhla
Music/ Video
Volkan T. Error