Walking Holding


Participatory walking performance by Rosana Cade (PUGS IN LOVE – Queer Weekend)

What can happen when two strangers get close in the public? Walking: Holding is a subtle, experimental journey through your city - hand in hand with strangers. Get ready for unconventional perspectives, unexpected encounters and unimagined feelings in this 1:1 performance! 
After stops in Dublin, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Zurich, Glasgow, Ljubljana and Copenhagen, this moving work will have its a Berlin premiere during PUGS IN LOVE – Queer Weekend.

A 40 minutes walk. Starts every 15 minutes. 

Meeting point: Studio Я
The audience will be let to the start of the performance.

Concept and Idea Rosana Cade Assistant Laurie Brown Produced by Sally Rose
Rosana created Walking:Holding 2011 in Glasgow.
Part of SPILL National Platform 2012 & Showcase 2013.

The events of PUGS IN LOVE - Queer Weekend are supported by the Berlin project fund "Cultural Education", the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld, the Rudolf Augstein Foundation and the Circle of Friends of the Maxim Gorki Theater.