Tschandala – The Romani Version

(Sweden’s Dirty Little Secret)

Lindy Larsson, with support from the celebrated Bon Bon Band, gives a personal theatre concert in which he approaches his roots. He gives a voice to the Romani people and uncovers a blind spot in Swedish history that still echoes in our present. A musical manifestation, electrifying romani music without a safety net, a measure protecting a vulnerable minority, the Romani people. This evening is a revision of Swedish history, a critical perspective on Strindberg and his anti-ziganistic novel Tschandala. The actor, singer and Romani activist Lindy Larsson switches between genres with ease.
Tschandala – The Romani Version was selected for the 2023 Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts. Lindy Larsson was awarded with the annual prize of the Swedish Theatre Critics 2022 for this work.


Tschandala – The Romani Version (original title: Tschandala / Tattaren) is produced in collaboration with Strindberg’s Intima Teater in Stockholm.


Grafik: Stefan Forss
Stage Photos: Per Bolkert
Trailer: Thomas Hultgren

By and with
Lindy Larsson