Filmscreening von und mit TALKING STRAIGHT

Filmscreening by and with Talking Straight: Alicia Agustín, houaïda, Antje Prust

Props Shahrzad Rahmani Costumes Geraldine Arnold Video Camille Lacadee Artistic Assistance Lola Fonsèque Production Assistance Michaela Maxi Schulz


Since January 2018, the Talking Straight World Science Center has been exploring emotion in a series of LIFE LABS_ as the germ of future investment areas. This process was accompanied by a film team of TS Productions: the results of the hubs will be presented in a cinematic treatise: Original shots from think tanks, interviews with historical and contemporary authorities and animated theorems clarify unresolved questions and shake supposedly safe answers.


Das Performance-Kollektiv TALKING STRAIGHT ist mit dem TS Center Artists in Residence im Studio Я.TALKING STRAIGHT Center wird gefördert aus Mitteln der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa


Photo: © Camille Lacadee


Film screening by and with