houaïda is a producer, composer, performer and former physicist. She takes an interdisciplinary approach to intensively address and alter rigid structures in sound and music, dreaming of a poétique de la relation in a hybrid sonic space.
Her eerie and yet warm sound impulses draw the audience into interwoven worlds of modern pop, RnB and dream noise. Post-global rhythms meet deconstructed shamanic repetitions and create a graceful utopian universe, free from mapping or categorization. Her voice complements the ocean in sound colors and breaks from traditional ideas of melody and rhythm or genre and language- which she longingly calls eurab. Her listeners find themselves dream-walking in the unpredictability of mystic sound-waters, in which huldras, elves, djins and other beings constantly transform and interact. post globality pop.
houaïda lives in Berlin and works internationally. In addition to her solo appearances and performances within the Talking Straight kollective, she previously worked as a composer in productions by the Norwegian dancer and choreographer, Ella Fiskum. houaïda is a live musician of the Berlin-based band 'Allie' and member of 'Holly Herndons' vocal ensemble. She curates a music series home_a transonic journey for Maxim Gorki's Studio Я since 2017.