Talking Straight: Parteitag

By and with Talking Straight: Alicia Agustín, Lisa Marie Becker, HouaïdaAntje Prust, Anton Weil, Daniel Zillmann 

Props Shahrzad Rahmani Costumes Geraldine Arnold Video Camille Lacadee Artistic Assistant Lola Fonsèque Production Assistant Michaela Maxi Schulz


»2017 is a super election year! What better way to help your party cope with this stress test of our democracy, than with the ideal model party convention!
Regardless of political content, the agency TS Public Relations presents the tools necessary for maximum impact. Our strategies are guaranteed to lead to success, when electoral migration and policy fatigue threaten your ability to build a majority. Always in view: the political centre«
Is the centre really a balanced position between political extremes in society – or is the centre slipping more and more through a nationalising discourse?

Premiere: September 21th-24th, 2017

TALKING STRAIGHT are Artists in Residence at Studio Я with the projekt TALKING STRAIGHT CENTER

TALKING STRAIGHT CENTER is funded by the Senatsverwaltung for Culture and Europe



Stage design



Artistic collaboration