In the winter of 1991, a 12-year-old Serbian girl was murdered in Zagreb. A quarter of a century later, director Oliver Frljić is working on a theatre play about the case. Rehearsals become a collective process of psychotherapy, and the 12-year-old actress Nina feels as if the war had never ended. Srbenka examines how the generation born after the Yugoslav Wars copes with the dark shadows of history.

By Nebojša Slijepćević
Croatia, 2018, 70 min

In Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian with English subtitles

Q & A with Nebojša Slijepćević
Moderation Mima Simić

Motiv © Mladen Stilinović Pjevaj! (Sing!), 1980. By courtesy of Branka Stipančić

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