Nebojša Slijepćević

Nebojša Slijepčević (b. 1973 in Zagreb) graduated in Psychology as well as Film and TV Directing at the Zagreb University. He has directed numerous documentaries (Srbenka, Gangster of Love, Something about Life, Real Man’s Film, In 4 Years, Of Cows and People). His films have received awards at many international festivals, including four at the Sarajevo Film Festival. His TV documentaries earned him three nominations for the Prix Europa Award. His latest documentary feature, Srbenka, was shortlisted for the European Film Awards. In 2019, Slijepčević has won The Vladimir Nazor Award, an annual award given by the Croatian Ministry of Culture to Croatian artists for highest achievements in film. Slijepčević is a mentor and lecturer at the School of Documentary Film in Zagreb.