Hrant Dink Spiegelungen


Directed by Miraz Bezar Stage/Costume Design Miriam Marto, Sylvia Rieger Dramaturgy Tunçay Kulaoğlu, Irina Szodruch With Peter von Strombeck, Paul Wollin Voices Melek Erenay, Mehmet Yılmaz

On January 19th 2007, Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was murdered in Istanbul. Just a few weeks earlier, he received veiled murder threats when he appeared on a political talk show on Turkish private television. The subject of the talk show was Article 301 in Turkish law, which makes »insulting Turkishness« (this formulation was used until 2008) a criminal offence. In the short production Spiegelungen (Reflections), director Miraz Bezar imagines a fictional conversation between the main characters in the murder. Bezar assembles quotations from the records of the interrogation of then 16-year-old murderer Ogün Samast, among other things, into an intense performance. An absurd distortion of perpetrator and victim perspective unfolds. The distortion of reality creates brutal echoes.

produced by Kultursprünge e.V. at Ballhaus Naunynstraße in context of § 301 – Die beleidigte Nation (the offended nation)