Reine Formsache

Reine Formsache إجراء شكلي

Two Syrian theatre actors have been living in Europe for several years. They share a space and a story. What will we do now and what will we represent? How can we continue to perform? Can we continue to perform at all? And what if? What if the actress Amal Omran, who is famous in her country, decides to return to Syria, is arrested at the border and interrogated by an officer? Would this interrogation really be possible? During the performative interrogation, Amal Omran recalls her life in the theatre - from her beginnings in Damascus in the 1980s to this very moment on stage. Simultaneously, the story of a country exposed to violent political events is told. REINE FORMSACHE searches for traces of its own history and raises questions of memory, politics, power and language.

With Amal Omran, Mouayad Roumieh

The event is part of the network meeting PostHeimat – Encounter #4.

Photo: Gianmarco Bresadola

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Directed by
Waël Ali