´61 – ´91 – ´21: Immer wieder Deutschland

Rechte Räume

Kritische Stadtspaziergänge durch die Berliner Mitte.

The concept of a city tour that critiques racism and anti-Semitism, which has been continually developed and tested across multiple cities, enters a new phase. 

Using the Gorki as a starting point, multiple editions explore Berlin’s Mitte district: the programme includes, for example, Berlin’s city palace, the Marx-Engels Forum, and the Berlin state courthouse in Mitte. In addition to examining identitarian architecture of remembrance and vestiges of the colonial and National Socialist eras, these city tours also pursue questions regarding far-right crime scenes in urban spaces. 

The history, present and future of this district in the city centre will be observed and contextualized together. In the process, a wealth of architectonic-urbanist, city history and academic positions will be referenced. The tours showcase experts, artists and alliances from Berlin who remind us of repressed, forgotten and built-over histories, or make them visible in the first place.

The presentation and discussion of the results will take place in the Gorki Container on December 10th at 8pm.

We hereby inform you that sound-, image- and video-recordings will be made during the city walks. As a participant in this event, you acknowledge and agree that the sound-, image- and video-recordings made, in which participants are also depicted, will be published in publications (print and digital) for press and public relations purposes, and as well for the publicly accessible documentation of the project.

This event is part of ’61–’91–’21: Immer Wieder Deutschland, the accompanying programme for the exhibition Offener Prozess.

Rechte Räume is a project by Philipp Krüpe / Stephan Trüby (IGmA, University of Stuttgart) and Theater findet Stadt e.V. in cooperation with Maxim Gorki Theater. Rechte Räume is part of the initiative DRAUSSENSTADT, funded by Berliner Projektfonds Urbane Praxis and the State of Berlin, Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

By and with
Philipp Krüpe , Stephan Trüby & many other experts