Motiv: Esra Rotthoff



In Sherryaeri’s party series Rage’n’Bounce, rap, bass, punk and live music blend into an intense dance floor where pent-up emotions can be released. Rage’n’Bounce invites you to join in on a safer mosh pit that offers space for feminist rage. Centering the perspectives of (queer) Black, Indigenous, Jewish, Romani, Sinti, and/or People of Color (BI*PoC) women, lesbians, intersex individuals, non-binary folks, transgender individuals, as well as agender individuals (FLINTA*), all allies are also warmly welcomed. Let's rage ’n’ bounce together!

With Bad Puppy, Nia 2161 and Sherryaeri

As part of Queer Week 2024

Motive: Esra Rotthoff