Foto: Bahriye Tatli @bahriyetatli


Sherryaeri considers music and partying as highly political and seeks to showcase artists and genres that aren’t as represented as they should be, mixing them with Arabic sounds. Sherryaeri places themselves in the »genrefluid« category and takes you through various genres, including, to name just a few: Rap Edits, Jersey Club, Baile Funk and Electro Chaabi. In doing so, sherryaeri manages to create a sense of belonging and celebrates multidimensional realities. As a result, sherryaeri has already enchanted crowds internationally at festivals such as Splash in Germany, clubs such as Yuyu in Mexico City and renowned events such as Hoe_mies. One thing is clear: sherryaeri’s sounds are always for booty shaking, de-stressing and releasing the pressure of capitalist, patriarchal white supremacy.

#hiphop #rap #bailefunk #jerseyclub #arabbass #percussions #perreo #mahraganat #queer #bootybounce 

Photo: Bahriye Tatli (@bahriyetatli)