Queer Practices of Collaboration

Queer in Exile #1-3

Staged Readings

I can queerly see // Exile conceived as a reaction to (impending) violence in the range of possibilities also shifts (in)security into a spectrum. This directs the gaze to those heterotopias where neither exile nor queerness play a role because they are taken for granted: in safer spaces - or where one‘s own identity can be freely shaped: on stage.
For some, their own body becomes an exile, and for others, the traumas left behind are only replaced by new ones. Sometimes the changed view of one‘s own situation also rewrites (family) history: Queer Awakening thanks to exile.
Three authors and three directors were selected through an open call and developed a joint evening exploring queerness in exile and exile in queerness in the context of a workshop, working  together with ensemble players from Gorki.

Workshoplead Raphaël Amahl Khouri
Curatorial advice Erden Kosova

by Jota Ramos
staged Thu Hoài Tran 
with Seth Mooner, Lodi Doumit 

By Dino Pešut 
staged by Juno Peter 
with Lodi Doumit, Margarita Breitkreitz, Ahmad Bábá

Dissolution / Распад / Zerfall
Kira Shmyreva
staged by Anno Bolender
with Adél Onodi, Zeynep Bozbay, Mazen Aljubbeh

In German, English and other languages

Content Note: Retelling of racist and anti-queer situations