Prosa der Verhältnisse

Prosa der Verhältnisse #15

Blinkende Zukunft

Berlin in an undefined future: artificial intelligences in humanoid robot form have long since established themselves in daily life. Not distinguishable externally from humans, the machine beings as optimized counterparts embody unrestricted private happiness and promise to put an end to the loneliness of humans. But suicides are more frequent than ever, which is why the AI Roberta appears on the market – the novel Die Nacht war bleich, die Lichter blinkten (The Night Was Pale, the Lights Were Twinkling) is told from her perspective. Deniz Utlu and Emma Braslavsky discuss visions of the (near) future under the domination of algorithms and what it means to be a person when faced with the existence of AI.

In cooperation with Forum Berlin of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Curated and presented by
Denİz Utlu