Positive brainwash - Good news!

Positive Brainwash - Good News!

Gorki youth club The Aktionist*innen

This season the Aktionist*innen are developing a »positive vibes« elixir! For this project good news and positive stories are our soul food, stimulating all our senses. Through our five-senses experience, you’re invited to investigate paths to sensitise our awareness of positive impulses and then circulate them.

We’re calling for an end to pointlessness!

By and with Adamou Bance, Amadeus, Daniel Weßling, Ella Schlotbohm, Julia Jana Gudi, Luise Hipp, Mathilda Blue Miller, Niclas 'Donnokoé, Philippa Bowyer, Rozhina Rastgoo, Sefâ Agnew, Serdinç Mengüslü, Silva

The premiere and performance planned for April 25/26, 2020, unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the pandemic-related lockdown.

Photo: Esra Rotthoff



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