Panel 2

Panel 2: Gegen_Sex

Pugs in love - Queer Weekend

Hetero, homo, bi? Speaking about sexual orientation in the sense of an established, identity-building character construction seems to be dated. And so do categories such as lesbian, gay, etc. On this, almost everyone agrees. In contrast, sex-positive positions focus on the diversity of sexual practices. In this way, heterosexual people with distinct gender positions can also feel addressed. The sex-critical positions of the old, radical feminists may have have become obsolete. On this panel, we will bring to our minds what the feminist sex wars were all about, which forgotten positions we should re-think - and what discourse has turned identity politics into a dirty word while queer has become a fashionable term.


The talk series HETEROSEXUALITÄT_EN has been realised in cooperation with the Schwules Museum* Berlin and is funded by the Bundesstiftung Magnus Hirschfeld