Ute Langkafel
Ute Langkafel
Ute Langkafel
Ute Langkafel

Optical Illusions

Die Aktionist*innen | Gorki X Jugendclub

I see something that you don’t see. You experience something that we don’t experience. How often do you ask yourself if what you see in the moment is real? This season, under the theme of Optical Illusions, we delve into the question of who determines what reality is: to what extent do our experiences influence what we see and want to see? At what points do we deceive and where are we deceived? Based on several actions in public space, a performance was created that stretches in two parts from the Friedrichsbrücke up to the Studio Я.

Mit Behrens Paula, Yannis Cemrek, Laura Czochara, Jana Dams, Michael Grauberger, Amadeus Hardtke, Malak Khamis, Mathilda Miller, Leon Stern, Alex Temesvari, Luca Wetterau

Künstlerische Leitung Modjgan Hashemian Ausstattung Mila Mazić Kostüm Dennis Ennen Assistenz Maya Lange Produktion Gorki X Astrid Petzoldt

Premiere am 7/July 2023


Artist Director