Adir Jan & Emrah Gökmen_Credits Yeşim Duman

Newroz Pîroz Be


If you translate it literally, Newroz or Nouruz means new day. This New Year’s festival, which has been celebrated for more than 2,500 years, thus stands for the beginning of spring and is still considered an important symbol of the spirit of resistance today. We celebrate the start of the new year in solidarity with all the people who are taking to the streets in the Kurdish regions, Iran and Afghanistan to resist repression and oppression!

For this year's New Year, Adir Jan + Emrah Gökmen welcome you to a concert of old Kurdish-Zaza songs. The queer singer-songwriter and tembûrist Adir Jan, who landed on the Transglobal World Music Charts with his Cosmopolitan Kurdesque sound, meets his musical match in singer and multi-instrumentalist Emrah Gökmen.

Photo: Yeşim Duman