Adir Jan + Emrah Gökmen

In addition to their shared hearts, these two long-term collaborators have one thing in common above all else: their love of music. The queer singer-songwriter and tembûrist Adir Jan, who landed on the Transglobal World Music Charts with his Cosmopolitan Kurdesque sound, encounters a soul full of love and longing in the singer and multi-instrumentalist Emrah Gökmen. The two are connected by a close friendship and their connection to the Zaza. 
This duo expresses their art with the most minimal means possible: a small, long-necked lute, a guitar and their voices, so different and yet still blending into one another. Together they perform old Kurdish-Zaza songs, songs in other languages, and new original works, most of which were created out of playing together. The result is an organic combination of the universal and the traditional. Adir Jan and Emrah Gökmen embody the aestheticization of this alleged conflict, giving each other space and breath.

Photo: Phillip Zwanzig