New Voices: The Judgement Day

New Voices: The Judgement Day

von Gerasimos Bekas, Thomaspeter Goergen, Jayrôme C. Robinet, Sapir Heller, Pınar Karabulut und Ersan Mondtag

New season, new perspectives! What are young artists concerned with? In three short pieces, the New Voices´ Gerasimos Bekas, Thomaspeter Goergen, Sapir Heller, Pinar Karabulut, Ersan Mondtag and Jayrôme C. Robinet investigate what will become of our tomorrow if our today keeps hesitating and running in place. Through their very unique interpretations, they draw up sketches of what this today could and needs to be. They accuse, they search. Angry, but not without the appropriate dose of humour. A studio grand opening that longs for visions.

Ein Requiem deutscher Gerichtssprechung

by Thomaspeter Goergen, director Ersan Mondtag, composer Max Andrzejewski
with Tamer Arslan, Tanya Erartsin, Giannina Erfany-Far, Isabelle Klemmt, Ruth Reinecke, Falilou Seck und Aram Tafreshian

A court. We are all suspected of having caused the world to be what it is. The descendants want to know: was it negligent or intentional? Is there a just legal language for the crimes of today? How does a dissection of society work in German? With a string quartet and lungs full of anger: A chorus attacks.

Das Licht ist weder gerecht noch ungerecht

by Jayrôme C. Robinet, director Pınar Karabulut
with Nicolas Streit

A man takes the train from Berlin to Paris. It's his first birthday and he wants to celebrate it with his parents. It's just that these parents don't know that it's their child's first birthday, nor that they won't recognize him when he appears on the platform. A train ride into the past and future of a trans-identity.

Glitsch-Gott: die Erlösung

by Gerasimos Bekas, director Sapir Heller
mit Anastasia Gubareva, Till Wonka, Mehmet Yılmaz

One can only remain good if one forgets, says Nietzsche. Xenia is good but she does not want to forget. She knows her place. Xenia wants to get to the very top. In a good way. Xenia takes us with her. But her path is slippery and full of answers to questions that she no longer asks. Why is that everyone is damaged, but no one to blame?

Premiers: September 5th, 2015