Live stream: Tag der VerUnEinigung!

3/October, 9:00 PM live from Gorki



Behind the term of »reunification« it’s easy to recognize the fantasy of a German people separated for decades. This fantasy is opposed by the reality of Jew*s, Afro-Germans, so-called guest workers and many other groups that have been discriminated against and are excluded from the narrative of a day of rejoicing. An event dedicated to these perspectives and the search for a different narrative.

Mely Kiyak, Angelika Nguyen and Peggy Piesche in conversation Max Czollek

Part of the event Tage der Jüdisch-Muslimischen Leitkultur
Initiated by Max Czollek
The intervention in the German dominant culture takes place from 3 October to 9 November, mainly in theatres, with twenty cooperation partners and in about forty individual events in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Das Projekt befindet sich in Trägerschaft der Leo Baeck Foundation und wird von der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung und der Allianz Kulturstiftung gefördert. Deutschlandfunk Kultur ist Medienpartner der Veranstaltungsreihe.