Miriam Davoudvandi photographed by Esra Rotthoff

Let’s Talk About Text, Baby


The monthly talk series is all about talking about books, literature, poetry and prose. Just not with people who usually talk about books, literature, poetry and prose. From rappers to athletes, anything is possible, writers are the only ones who aren’t allowed. Together with her guests, journalist Miriam Davoudvandi’s goal is to make reading and writing approachable again, without academic-intellectual dissections of the subject matter.
There’ll be reading aloud again, and you’re allowed to use your finger. We’ll talk about why we enjoy reading. It’s about our favourite books, even if it’s Lord of the Rings. And it’s about the secret short poems we wrote ourselves in the Notes app at some point.

In the second edition of the talk series Let’s Talk About Text, Baby in Studio Я, Frankfurt rapper LIZ is Miriam Davoudvandi's guest.

Photo: Esra Rotthoff

Conversation with
Miriam Davoudvandi