LIZ © dieserbobby


When LIZ appeared on the scene in 2021, her first tape Bleibe Echt (Stay Real) felt like an anarchist performance artwork and was everything but mild. LIZ and her music are loud, unfiltered and untameable. Born in 1998, LIZ grew up in Frankfurt-Ostend and Offenbach and her childhood and adolescence were far from simple. »I didn’t understand everything right away, but rap already gave me self-confidence back then because I realized that there were people who felt the same way I do.«
Following her debut Bleibe Echt, her second album Mona Liza was released in 2022, followed by the Liz Taylor EP, which dropped in February 2023. Her new album Amy Winehouze will be released on Feb 16th, 2024. Over the past few years LIZ has commuted between Frankfurt and Berlin, recording songs with established names like Schwesta Ewa, Celo & Abdi, Prinz Pi and Ramo and, in the process, equally winning over the streets, the rap scene and the media. Despite her tangible artistic development, and even after three years in the business, LIZ is still the same - cheeky, brazen, edgy – so she’s stayed real.
On March 7th, LIZ joins Miriam Davoudvandi for another conversation, when we welcome her to Studio Я as a guest in the LET’S TALK ABOUT TEXT, BABY discussion series.