Laura Uribe

Laura Uribe (Mexico City, Mexico, 1984) Director, playwright, actress, stage researcher and educator. She has a degree in theater from the Escuela Nacional de Arte Teatral of INBAL. Scholarship holder of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte in the discipline of Dramaturgy, the Sistema de Apoyos a la Creación y a Proyectos Culturales (FONCA-2021-2024). Together with Sabina Aldana, she is co-founder of L.A.S. [Laboratorio de Artistas Sostenibles]. Her work is characterized by experimenting in the contemporary scene with a transdisciplinary and documentary approach, serving a border dimension between the intimate micropolitical and macropolitical spheres. She is a professor at the Faculty of Theater, Dance and Music of the Universidad Autónoma de Morelos in the Theater and Dance program. Her productions have taken part in national and state theater performances as well as national and international festivals, where she has also taught laboratories and workshops for scenic representation. Her visually stunning documentary theater about flight and displacement Mare Nostrum, which was shown at the “Theaterformen” festival in Hanover in 2017, among others, caused a sensation.