Language Politics

Language Politics

Multilingualität, Übersetzung und die Macht der Sprache im Theater

Dealing with multilingualism and translation is of increasing importance in the performing arts. Artists, groups and institutions that work transnationally cast the spotlight on challenges, opportunities and significancs of language. In the Arabic-language play Salty Roads, Palestinian director Bashar Murkus and his team explore the sea as the origin of yesterday and today and investigates which political debates about borders, homelands and divisions are waged there. Who is speaking here? What languages do we speak, perform and work with? Who is heard? What does it mean to translate in an artistic context? Together with director Bashar Murkus and translators Yvonne Griesel and Oliver Kontny, we will discuss the significance of multilingualism, the politics of language(s) and possibilities for the future.

With Yvonne Griesel (Sprachspiel), Oliver Kontny (translator, TAZ) und Bashar Murkus (Kashabi Theatre)
Presentation Christopher-Fares Köhler

The event is part of the network meeting PostHeimat – Encounter #4.

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Photo: Franziska Götzen