kunst der flucht

Kunst der Flucht

Pugs in love – Queer Weekend

A project about escape as a necessity and a survival art. About arriving in Europe, in Germany - on long and often illegal paths. About a minority among the refugees. About the perception of Europe by eyes and ears fled from the distance. About vitality and the pain of being different. About migration as life dynamics.
Author and director Pedro Kadivar (Little Book of Migrations), together with a group of queer refuges, explores ways of expression, addressing topics such as participation and self-assertion.


With: Milad Soltan Atmiansofla, Rojan Azizi, Katja Kettner, Erfan Khoshrouzi, Camille Roduit, David Soltani

In Persian and German with German surtitles 

After the play: MEHRFACH MARGINAL – panel discussion with the participating artists, presented by Dr. Zülfukar Çetin


Funded by the Berlin Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung. In cooperation with Maxim Gorki Theater's Studio Я and with the Bildungsteam Berlin Brandenburg. Thanks for the support by Schwulenberatung Berlin.

The following discussion is part of the panel discussions titled HETEROSEXUALITÄT_EN in collaboration with the Schwules Museum* Berlin, funded by the Bundesstiftung Magnus Hirschfeld.


A queer theatre project by
Pedro Kadivar