Gorki Kiosk

Gorki Kiosk (c) Lutz Knospe

With a new jubilee coat of paint, the Gorki KIOSK is once again home to the theater box office since 30/October 2022. In addition to ticket and merchandise sales, the KIOSK also serves as a lounge in which motifs from Comrade Gorki - Shout-Outs, the anniversary book, are shown. The book reviews the last nine years of postmigrant theatre at the Gorki with 99 interjections from associates, visitors, and comrades of the theatre.

Immediately linked to the Gorki site, the newly designed Kiosk will host play introductions, post-show discussions, and other formats that complement the Gorki's stage and studio program.



E-Mail: ticket@gorki.de
Tel: 030 20221115 

Dorotheenstraße 3
10117 Berlin

Mon–Sat: 12:00–18:30
Sun- & Holidays: 16:00–18:30

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