Get lost in November

Get lost in November

based on Franz Schuberts musical setting of Wilhelm Müller's poem cycle »Winterreise«

Premiere: 5th of November, 2016
Final show: 13th of December 2017 (Currently no tickets available)

By and with 

Elmira Bahrami,
Guillaume Cailleau,
François Regis,
Volkan T.,
Hasan Taşgın

Alone, he moves through the world, seeks refuge in different places, is refused, meets other strangers and moves on. The wanderer in Schubert’s Winterreise searches forever and never arrives. But can a person ever arrive? In Berlin? Aren't we all here and now always »strangers«? Accompanied by the songs of German romanticism, five performers go on a journey through Berlin and look for the »homeless« within us.

The performers interpret Schubert's song cycle anew. Atmospheric video installations meet classical music, meet the sound of the street and turn Studio Я into a polyphonic sound collage. Because home is not a place, but rather the stories that we tell ourselves.

A Studio Я Production sponsored by the Interkulturelle Projektförderung des Landes Berlin – Senatskanzlei – Kulturelle Angelegenheiten, with friendly support by the Institut français




Stage and Costume Design


Elmira Bahrami

Guillaume Cailleau

François Regis

Volkan Türeli

Hasan H. Taşgın