Gegenwartsbewältigung II

Reading - A night of texture

"READING: a night of text / sound / video"  is a series of events hosted in Berlin by Black Cracker (USA) and Ricardo Domeneck (BRA), investigating both traditional and alternative ways to publish/present TEXT WORK. Poets who perform, musicians who write their own lyrics, video artists in whose work text plays a prominent role. Texts as voice, texts as image, texts as text. The series seeks to give a platform to a multitude of understandings of what a writer can do and what writing can be. 

Tetine (text as spoken voice)
Ester Martin Bergsmark (text in filmmaking)
Laura López Castro (text in music)
Max Czollek (text for the page and voice) 
Tahani Salah (Text via Skype, New York)

Hosted by Black Cracker & Ricardo Domeneck