Garten der Lüste / Garden of Delights

Reception, city tour and coaching by TALKING STRAIGHT.

TALKING STRAIGHT provides a guided tour with an euphoric effect through the multi-cultural city of Berlin followed by a training seminar for Germany, a »country of immigration«. The success coaching in »foreign language«—the group’s own linguistic creation—takes the participants on a rollercoaster ride through the self-image and self-confidence of a country in search of itself. Velkom ar‘n New German welcoming culture!

The theatre company TALKING STRAIGHT produces theatre performances and simulations in which methods of liquefying and distorting language are used, as in the recent TALKING STRAIGHT Festival that was awarded the Stückemarkt’s Playwright’s Prize at the Berliner Theatertreffen in 2014.

By and with Daniel Cremer and Alicia Agustín, houaïda, Antje Prust and Tucké Royale.

20 participants per performance only. Please ensure to be on time at the meeting point at the Palais am Festungsgraben, as advanced reservations cannot be made. Duration: ca. 45min.

Premiere: November 13th, 2015