Die Flucht, die mich bedingt_Maxim Gorki Theater

Flucht, die mich bedingt

Szenische Lesungen des Neuen Instituts für Dramatisches Schreiben

Staged readings with texts by
Ayham Majid AghaMusaab Sadeq Khaleel Al-TuwaijriEnis MaciNecati Öziri and Maryam Zaree

Project direction and dramaturgy: Maxi ObexerSasha Marianna Salzmann 

Production: Hanna Saur

A production from NIDS and Studio Я, supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds (Capital Cultural Funds)

Readings directed by Ayham Majid AghaAndrás DömötörNurkan ErpulatSapir Heller and Julia Wissert

A sniper in a house that’s about to collapse, a young man receives a German passport for his 18th birthday, a young woman realises that her mother must have experienced something terrible, a son returns to a war-torn country. Flight that determines me is a literature workshop, a safe space, a way of working, a principle of thought. Over a year we wrote, discussed our throats dry, thought our eyes moist, bit our lips salty, smoked our fingers black and considered which stories remain unwritten: ours.

Over a year five authors sought after a form for their material. They met with experts in the areas of art, activism and empowerment, and exchanged ideas. Now the resulting texts will be presented as staged readings.


Maryam Abu Khaled / Mehmet Ateşçi / Vernesa Berbo / Mareike Beykirch / Eva Bay / Lea Draeger / Murat Dikenci / Pınar Erincin / Jerry Hoffmann / Mateja Meded / Cynthia Micas / Aleksandar Radenković / Falilou SeckAram Tafreshian / Mehmet Yılmaz

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