Mr. Sloane_Maxim Gorki Theater

Entertaining Mr. Sloane

Seid nett zu Mr. Sloane

Premiere: 13.11.2014
Final show: 11.06.2015 (Currently no tickets available)

The young Mr. Sloane is charming, smart, incredibly sexy and breaks right into the middle of a capitalist petty bourgeois idyll. The social climber Ed and his sister Kath, who still lives with father Kemp in the family villa, located in the middle of a rubbish dump, are more than fascinated by the new and extremely attractive lodger. A true miracle of adaptability, Sloane always seems to be what a man or woman wants to see in him – working-class man, lover, migrant, genius, idiot. For Kemp, on the other hand, he is nothing more than a criminal. Family relationships are strained when Sloane kills their father. But what is a murder, if you desire the murderer? Ideas of morality, law and ethics immediately become more flexible, and the object of desire will be shared! Thus Sloane is sister Kath's for half the year and belongs in brother Ed's bed for the rest.


Stage design




Mareike Beykirch

Tilmann Ritter

Aleksandar Radenković

Thomas Wodianka

Jerry Hoffmann