Gorki X // Die Aktionist*innen (c) Esra Rotthoff

Die besten Jahre deines Lebens!

Gorki X Jugendclub »Die Aktionist*innen«

School! In a rapidly changing world, the concept of learning is more important than ever. The traditional school system, which is based on the rigid communication of facts and in which everyone has to fit the same mould, has been crumbling down for a long time. What are actually up-to-date approaches to learning, and who establishes them? Is it the development of skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creative expression and interpersonal communication? Actively un- and relearning patterns anew? Are these the first-world problems of our privileged, grumbling ear worms? How fair is school? And what does the school of a utopia look like? The Aktionist*innen, in dialogue with AI, are conducting research on the theme of learning this season, in order to put their very personal perspectives into words and bodies in July 2024.

Direction Modjgan Hashemian Props Felix Remme Costume Dennis Ennen Assistence Samir Suliman Production Gorki X Astrid Petzoldt

With Adam Lusena Ash, Clara Brüggemann, Lisa Filla, Caspar Gierden Collieux, Michael Grauberger, Nader Hmeidan, Paty Mondlane, Karl Rixen, Vito Wegner & Carla Ziegenbalg

Premiere 5/July 2024 20:30, Studio Я
Further performances 6/Juli 18:00 & 20:30, Studio Я

Motiv: Esra Rotthoff