KonzertTice, Nashi44 und Neromun

Concert: Tice, Nashi44, Neromun

Three young rappers tell of the realities of their lives from a diverse set of perspectives.



ASIAN BERLIN PUSSY POWER – her style in her own words: Nashi44 is a rapper from Berlin-Neukölln. With rap videos on Instagram and live concerts, she’s already made a name for herself and proven that she has both attitude as well as all sorts of skills. In May 2021 she released her first single »Aus der Pussy«. Whether it’s empowering tracks with political statements or witty punchlines and melodic R’n’B vibes - Nashi44 has such big plans that she’s given up her jazz and pop voice degree programme to pursue them.

Neromun, Dustin actually, grew up as a biracial child in a white Mainz suburb. White, black, hetero or homo, masculine or feminine, rap or R’n’B – Neromun questions every allegedly fixed construct. It could be said that the 28-year-old is a conscientious identity objector, without negating its struggles and realities. Beginning his music career with boom-bap, east-coast-battle rap as half of the duo Luk&Fil, he went solo with a softer, more vulnerable sound in his solo EP Sequel (2017, as Negroman), and now in his upcoming album Blass (2021, as Neromun) as well. Its sound is even lighter, dreamier, more playful than his previous music. The texts seem to be very intuitive, more hints than fixed statements, more semicolon than exclamation mark. Blass captures Neromun’s duality and sets it to music in the most beautiful way so far.

This event is part of ’61–’91–’21: Immer Wieder Deutschland, the accompanying programme for the exhibition Offener Prozess.

Update: Due to an update of the hygiene framework concept of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, the event will take place according to the 3G regulation. Distance rules apply and you are asked to wear a medical mask (surgical mask) at the square as well. Read further information here.