Ata Canani

Concert: ATA CANANI & Karaba

With a record finally in the bag, Ata Canani presents – accompanied by the young Bavarian cult-band Karaba – classics such as Deutsche Freunde and as yet unheard songs from his new album, Warte mein Land, Warte.

While he was still a teenage wunderkind on the bağlama (saz), musician Ata Canani single-handedly invented Turkish rock’n'roll in the German tongue at the end of the 70s, which made him a beloved guest on the public television shows of that time.
His songs reflect the harsh living conditions of the first generation of guest workers. Leaving Turkey for Leverkusen via Bremerhaven and Cologne, he oscillated between a life working shifts at a factory during the week and playing gigs all night long at Turkish weddings on the weekends. 
After years of obscurity, Canani was catapulted into the spotlight for music lovers when his song Deutsche Freunde (German Friends) turned out to be probably the most outstanding track on the groundbreaking Songs of Gastarbeiter compilation released by the Munich-based label Trikont.
In 2021, after a career spanning almost 40 years, Canani released his debut album with the Berlin record company »Fun In The Church«: Warte mein Land, warte (Wait my country, wait) has developed, in the year of the 60th anniversary of the German-Turkish labour recruitment agreement, into a low-key media sensation. »Ozan« is, by the way, a term of respect for traditional singers.
In this concert, Ata Canani will be accompanied by the young Bavarian cult favourite Karaba. They come from the same circles as the constantly rejuvenated krautrock legends Embryo and connect seemingly effortless jazz with psychedelic and prog-rock sounds. 

This event is part of ’61–’91–’21: Immer Wieder Deutschland, the accompanying programme for the exhibition Offener Prozess.