Stepan Gantralyan

Stepan Gantralyan, born in Yerevan (Armenia), is an actor, director and songwriter. He deals with the Armenian genocide in his works, including Nicht ich bin der Mörder – Der Prozess Talaat Pascha (I am not the murderer - The Talaat Pasha Trial), a documentary theatrical performance (2010/12) in Berlin and Cologne, among others, and Das Märchen vom letzten Gedanken (The Tale of the Last Thought) by Edgar Hilsenrath (2006/07) in Berlin and at the National Youth Theatre in Armenia. Since 30 years Gantralyan sets poems into sound and writes ballads and chansons that mirror his multifarious inspiration. Adding to that he sings songs of other interprets in more than ten languages. Since 2007 he gives solo-concerts with various musicians in Germany and internationally. Gantralyan regularly takes part in international festivals, latest in Tartu (Estonia).