Rika Weniger

Rika Weniger was born in Neubrandenburg and performed there in the Kammertheater Neubrandenburg, an artists' collective at the time. This shaped her future theatre work, as did guest performances at the Theaterhaus Jena and the Sophiensælen Berlin. She studied at the Rostock University of Music and Theatre and received a performance prize in 2004 at the Treffen deutschsprachiger Schauspielstudierender in Hannover. Her engagements have taken her to the Oldenburg State Theatre and the Braunschweig State Theatre, where she has worked in the productions of the prize-winners of the Fast-Forward Festival - European Festival for Young Directors, with Jonas Petersen, Antoine Laubin and Marta Górnicka. Szenarien, directed by Antoine Laubin, was invited to the Heidelberg Stückemarkt. Marta Górnicka received a nomination for the German Theatre Prize DER FAUST for the choral play M(other) Courage. Heimat(en) directed by Antoine Laubin was invited to the Festival XS in Brussels and the Festival d'Avignon in 2016.

Photo: Esra Rotthoff


Still Life