Raphael Moussa Hillebrand

Raphael Moussa Hillebrand is a choreographer, director and curator. He regularly directs cultural and partnership programs, developing various creations with local dancers. In June 2014 he completed his masters in choreography at the HZT Berlin. His works (including POW_2045 (2014), Auf meinen Schultern (On My Shoulders, 2019)) have been presented around the country and the world. As a member of the Battle Squad und Animatronik groups, he’s an integral part of today’s hip-hop community. On top of that, he’s the initiator and founding member of Europe’s first hip-hop party: Die Urbane. A hip-hop political party, with which he fights for decolonisation, as well as empowerment and cultural diversity, among other things. At the ceremonies for the Deutscher Tanzpreis in October 2020 he received a special award for outstanding development in dance.